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And now for the Rat Race!
"You may have RATS ... But I've got CRABS"
Crab racing event by Hurricane Carla of "Party Tenders"
Those crabs  are pretty darned speedy!
The racing hermit crabs
Carla the Crab lady
Crab racing has many points that Carla explains
Everyone chooses their crab to bet on
Each crab is introduced with its own musical fanfare
Kari - Gianna - Joell
It is important to keep the crabs wet
Spray bottles & squirt guns add to the excitement
Crabs on the run!
Carla - Sandy - Chelle
There were 13 total races to determine the grand prize winner.....
Ready to race
Each crab has its own personality
All animals raced  are pets. No animals were harmed in these events.