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They called it Operation "B.I.G." and it was a most impressive and heartwarming display of love and affection.
Kat, the mastermind of this presentation, watches as Bella squirms on stage.
Blindfolded and nervous!
This is an amazing RatList scrapbook with entries from the members. The cover was done in gold leaf by Gianna.
Gifts! One surprise after another. These are the Christmas rat and the ballarina rat from Peggy.
Nelly, from Puerto Rico, sent stuffed versions of  her rats Split and Flash to Bella.
Gianna prepares the glass sculpture.
A gift from Gianna- a lovely blown glass rat climbing a goblet stem.
Annie helps Bella open a gift of Mondo hammocks boobytrapped with straight pins.
Wendy's gift- a hammock and carry bag set.
(No, it's not a hat!)
Gianna's spectacular blown glass "Dancing Rats" sculpture.
And last, but not least, a rat purse made by Annie and filled with donations from the group.
The group not only gave presents- But also gathered a large cash donation to help Bella purchase a new compressor for her business.
Needless to say, after an incredible run of equipment failure that was threatening her business, the donation was well appreciated.
But the best part of the whole presentation was the display of good will and togetherness of the Florida Ratlist members.

Florida Ratlist members are #1
Bella loves you all!