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   We figured it would be better if everyone brought something with them. Click HERE to see whats already being brought and a list of suggestions then contact me and let us know!.
  Check the Food Fest page to sign up for a dish to bring.
A Rat Photo
   We are going to have a pet rat Photo contest! The winners will get  special prizes!
A Gift
    We will be having a gift exchange. If you want to participate the suggested spending limit is $20.00 and the gift needs to very ratlike in nature. Either something wonderful for RATS... Or something rat themed for the PERSON. Use your imagination! This traditional gift exchange is an important event at the Ratfest.
Don't Forget $
  There will be raffle tickets and many rat items at the ratfest store. The official T-shirts will also be for sale. So, don't forget to bring enough money to get what you need.


Your Rats
    Ratfest is an rat limited event. Do NOT bring rats. You will not be allowed in. Anyone bringing rats will have to house them at the local hotel. This way we can ensure continuing good health for all of our rats.Please bring your photos.
  No drugs allowed. No alcohol the day of the event.
  Unless you have a service animal the venue is pet free.