MENU FOR FOOD FEST 2017                                                              

Let us know what you are bringing!

Here are some suggestions. Since we are expecting so many people feel free to sign up for something that someone else has already signed up for !

Main Dishes:                 

Cajun red beans & rice with sausage- Kenna
Fried Chicken- Branwen R. (2)          
Lasagna- Sheri L.
Lunch Meat Tray- Paula F.
Chicken Cesar Macaroni Salad- Lise Goss
Sandwich Cheese tray- Vanessa P.
Vegetarian sante fe- Leigh
Meatballs- Deb R.
Little Smokies- Deb R.
Meatballs- Christina
Pulled Pork- Brooke
Sandwich Trays- Laurey B.
Sandwich Roll Ups- Diana & Family
Chicken Wings-
Stuffed shells
Chicken Caserole-

Side Dishes:
Garden Salad/dressing - Sheri L.
Veggie Platters- Jessica C (2)
Tuna Pasta Salad- Janet B
Noodle Dish- Arial Carothers
Macaroni salad-  Matt B.
Fruit - Dan K.
Greek Pasta Salad- Lucia & Bridgette
Broccoli cheese casserole- Lindy W

Potato salad-
Broccoli Salad- Joyce
Spinach Salad-
Fruit Plate-
Green bean casserole-
Cauliflower Salad-
3-Bean Salad-
Ambrosia salad-

Other Food Related Stuff:
Goodie Bag Candy - Lorraine, Lauren S., Patti
Goody Bag Rat snacks- Deb R.
Plasticware - Bella
Plastic cups-  Kenna & Ark & Mary
Napkins- Jessica C
Plates- Jessica C & Mary
Bowls- Bella
Plastic Wrap/ziplocks- Bella
Paper towels- Alyssa B. (6)
Trash bags- Amy
Coffepot -  Sheri
Coffee cups- Ark (40) &
Coolers- Janet B, Dan, Patti
Ice- Lori &
Toothpicks- Bella


Sugar Free Cake- Patti B. (1)
Chocolate No-Bake cookies- Mary Z
Banana Pudding- Joyce (1)
Cookies- Lise & Laurey B.
Cheesecake- Mike Goss (1)
Brownies- Taylor
Rum Cake- Christina R. (3)
"Hermits" raisin spice bars- Laurey B.
Chocolate Cake- Anita
Tres Leches Cake- Lindsay W
Pie- Carla R.
Cake -
Rice Krispie Treats-

Chips & Cheese Salsa Dip-  Heather H.
Rice Chips- Janet B
Deviled Eggs - Zoo &
Breads/Rolls-  Paula & Janet B.
Spinach/Artichoke Dip- Anne V.
Chips- Deb &
Cheese & Crackers-  Vanessa
Buffalo chicken dip/chips- Diana & Family
Watermelon- Diana and Family
Dip- Janet (4)
Chips- Taylor & Deb
Assorted Pastries/donuts- Bella
Pimento Cheese Spread- Deb
Relish Tray-
nut tray-
Cheese logs/balls-
Tuna Salad-
Chicken Salad-

   Diet- Chris S. &
   Regular- Chris S. &             
Iced tea- Mandy W & Davey D.
Water-  Mandy W &  Bella
Juices- Pat B
Coffee- Amy
Coffee condiments- Amy