Entertainment Director- Carla R.
Entertainment Host- Laura L.

Pea Fishing-  Kenna &
Rat Toss-  Kenna &
Pin The Tail on the Rat-
Gift Exchange-
Photo Contest Judges- Lise & Chris
Raffle-  Isabella, Amy, Bella,

Health Q&A- Vanessa Pisano, DVM & Bella Hodges
Necropsy Demonstartion- Bella (PM at Venue)
Basic Health Check Demonstration- Bella

Website Data & Financial:
Food Entries-  Bella
Roster Entries-Bella
Planning page Entries- Bella
Deposit  for venue-  Deb Ratwerk
Sponsor coordinator- Ark

Venue Tasks:
Raffle Ticket sales- Vanessa P.
Photographers- Emani A. &
Rat Store Clerks-
Door Person (2) - 
Rat store Set up-  Bella
Prize Table Set up- 
Raffle/Donation Table- Amy
Food Table Crew-
Beverage Boss-
Clean-up- (5)- Bella, Deb,
General Set-Up & Clean-Up- Chris S, Lise, &

Pre-Fest Jobs
Name tags-
Goodie Bags- Bella, Deb, Chelsea, Brooke, Michelle, Autumn, Janet, Isabella, Jade
Donation Solicitation- Ark
Decorations- Bella, Brooke

The Ratfest Team
Volunteers Needed!