What is RATFEST ?

    Rat Fest is a get together for ratlovers from Florida and their friends
from all across the country.
        The Rat Fest is being held this year in Gotha, Florida. The facility has a full kitchen, a large patio, two stories, and comfortably accomodate everyone.
        Information and photos of  Citrus Oaks Clubhouse can be found here.

     Every guest is also asked to bring a covered dish to contribute to our Food Fest. See the food page to check the  list of needed items and list what you plan to bring.  There is no fee to attend the event. All money for expenses will be raised via the raffle and auction. Proceeds will be used to cover expenses with the remainder going to the Rat Science Fund. You can sign up for Ratfest here.

    This event is possible only through the efforts of many people, even some who are unable to attend. Without these efforts Ratfest would not be possible.   Rat Fest is sponsored by the Florida Rat Community and Friends. To keep our rats healthy Rat Fest is a rat limited event. Please do not handle rats before coming. In particular- Please do not stop at any pet stores where there are rodents before you come.
    There will be rat themed door prizes, rat snacks, crarts, a photo contest, a raffle/auction, and a rat gift exchange. Or you can play games for fun and prizes. We will have  vendors selling specialty rat items such as supplies, art, hammocks, and jewelry.

    There is no drinking or drugs at Rat Fest...Just a bunch of rat obsessive Floridians and their friends from all over who wanted to meet...have fun... share info... and generally be obsessive about rats with other rat obsessive  individuals!

     If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Bella.