The  RatFest 2004   Roster

These are all of the people who braved Hurricane
Jeanne to come show their love for all things ratty.
Some came thousands of mile and braved severe
weather conditions, power outages, cancelled hotel reservations, and curfews just to be here. You rock!

2004 Ratfest Hurricane Roster

Our Out of State Ratfesters
1.  Lizzy O Sullivan, Vancouver, Canada
2.  The amazing Arkanthis- California
3.  Karen Grant- Semi Valley, California
4.  Lizzy of The Alphabet Rats- Canada
5.  Jenna Trueman Maryland
6.  Sandy Marshall  of Bumpy Oaks Rattery-  Maryland
7.  Lynn Rosscamp of ROUS Rattery- Seattle, Washington
8.  Charlene-  New Orleans, LA
9.  Amy Epperly of Phoenix Gate Rattery- Georgia
10. Christie Trueman Maryland
11. Patch- Georgia
12. Leann Boardman  of Rattie Rascals Rattery- 13. Washington
13. Jamie Boardman  of Rattie Rascals Rattery- Washington
14. Beth Boardman  of Rattie Rascals Rattery- Washington
15. Dawn Morgan  (Ratumentary)  Washington
16, June Harding   Maine

The Florida Ratfesters
1.  Annie Braun  Parrish
2.  Joanne "Bella" Hodges  Fern Park
3.  Monica "Moon" Linden Fern Park
4.  Brittany Fern Park
5.  Zoo Fern Park
6.  Dana VanZant Winter Park
7.  Kristy "Olive Bean" Orlando
8.  Patty Kraemer  Lake Mary
9.  Stephanie Kraemer  Lake Mary
10. Stephanie Stouffer Sarasota